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We offer our clients and customers service that they never thought is possible, we are the best swimming pool repairing company in Gauteng area, we also do the maintenance of your swimming pools to ensure that if there is a leak or crack in your pool we can detect it sooner than later, the smaller the leak or crack in your pool the faster it is to repair. But if you wait for the crack to get bigger and cause more damage to your swimming pool the repairs can take up to two days to repair perfectly.

Our teams don’t do half a job we do the repairs on your pools to the best of ability to ensure that you will be satisfied with our service. Our swimming pool technicians are all professionals in the repairing of your pools we also ensure that our team workers are dressed in the uniform that we have provided for them before they come to your premises to do the repairs on your pools.

We also do the repairs on the swimming pools, return lines, which returns water from the pump back to the pool, as well as the repairs in suction lines, main drains, pump and filters. Our teams have all been sent for the necessary courses to take care of leaking problem of your swimming pool.

We have the best professional teams in the swimming pool services in Gauteng, the services that we offer to our clients are the best service our swimming pool professionals have all been given the necessary course to do the crack repairs and leak repairs in your swimming pool and the swimming pool lines will be repaired to its original state and will be working one hundred percent without any leaks and cracks.

Our services are guaranteed and if you as our client are not happy with our repair services please feel free to contact our offices at anytime and we will send out another team member to come and do the repairs free of charge.

We also do the repairs of underwater lighting, we are here to make sure that all of the repairs that we do for our clients and customers are done one hundred percent and that our clients will be satisfied with our services. We are here to ensure the smile on our clients faces never disappears.

We can also do the repairs on water slides the water slides usually get damaged because of the hot weather and because of the underground water pushing up against slides that has been standing outside in the sun, the cold water that runs over the slide can cause the slide to crack and leak.

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